Neotoma's Midden


Neotoma, or pack rats, live in nests called middens. The same midden may remain inhabited for longer than humans have lived in cities, providing us with a rich record of an ecosystem. This record is, often enough, literal shit. But to those who are, as they say, in the know, the shit reveals secrets. We refer to this today as the Good Shit.

I use this website to catalogue Good Shit. ‘Directory’ will link you to blogs, channels, and other directories, ‘Bookmarks’ will link you to singular posts, videos, or essays, and ‘Rabbit Holes’ will provide more involved annotations or guides to a collection of links. In ‘blog’, I write whatever I want. I do not think it is particularly good, but the price you pay for browsing my personal website is making contact with my personality. Other categories may follow, however I’ve only committed those sections to you.

Under construction!

This site is under construction, and you might find it unusable. You are, of course, free to browse.

Here’s a short roadmap for the construction. Once this is done, this website will be complete, and I will either move on to another one (not very packrat-like), or create a phase two.